element-of-fame I can’t or they’ll delete it as they said 😒

mrcalifornia a gay porn site lmao it’s really good 👀

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Fuck yeah \m/

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This happened. I’m gonna be sore till October.

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Spencer Reid + his tongue thing

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Grimes by Max Farago for Pop Magazine A.W 2014 - 6

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Complex Magazine | Charli XCX

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love love love love love it.

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Make a Wish granted for me in Toronto.
July 9, 2014.

GUYS THE PICTURES FINALLY CAME. I CANT STOP CRYING IM SO HAPPY. I’ll never forget how tightly she held onto my side and how close she pulled me in for the picture.

I’ll upload the group shots soon. Ahhhhh 😍😍

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